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    Jack-Rich for president 2023

    Jack-Rich is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist who aligns with the ideals of global citizenship, a humanitarian, a believer in the social wellness of his people, irrespective of tribe, language, religion, culture, or degree of civilization. Jack-Rich is one born of a poor and humble background, the son of a village tomatoes and garri hawker with no access to civilization.

    He was conferred with the title of Sarkin Ruwan-Hausa, Zanna Njima, Sarkin Ruwan-Ako (the Water Provider) by the Daura Emirate, Borno, Gombe and other titles too numerous to mention in appreciation of his concerted humanitarian effort in alleviating the problem of potable water and other needs of the society.

    PoliciesHow we rekindle the NIGERIAN dream 🇳🇬






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    Campaign VisionEngage. Activate. Mobilize.

    The Time Is NowOur nation is wealthy, and its people need to benefit from the wealth.

    My decision to run for president is borne out of my desire to improve the lot of Nigerians, and give them the good life they deserve for them to live life to their full potential. This is not an ambition, it is a vision of greater Nigeria, not in theory, but in real terms.

    Indigenous capacity development is the way to a sustained future and job creation.

    Tein Jack Rich


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    Gallery"We will provide outlets for our people to secure gainful employment"


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    Would you like to become one of our donors?