"I am Tein Jack Rich, aspiring to be Nigeria’s president."

The Time Is Now

I am convinced that we are at a crucial time in our nation’s history, we need to navigate and steer in the right direction. Every election cycle gives citizens the opportunity to not only perform their civic duty but also contribute to democratic governance.

My decision to run for president is borne out of my desire to improve the lot of Nigerians, and give them the good life they deserve for them to live life to their full potential. This is not an ambition, it is a vision of greater Nigeria, not in theory, but in real terms.

I am coming on board with broad experience in leadership, and have made great success in the business world, my main priorities as president would be the aggressive creation of jobs for our teeming population. 

At the moment, the unemployment rate stands at 33%, youth unemployment is a staggering 43.3% and with a large number of our population ranging from 35 years or below, we must not take just an aggressive approach to job creation, but make it a key pillar of our government. Gainful employment for our young people is the only way to guarantee mutually beneficial prosperity – providing outlets for our people to secure gainful employment. 

We will optimise existing investment in agriculture to produce a greater yield that can be exported as well as invest in the agriculture value chain to reduce to the barest minimum waste from our farms.

Our health sector is on life support and needs urgent resuscitation. According to the Nigerian Medical Association, Nigerians spend an average of $1 billion annually on medical tourism for a range of healthcare needs. This capital flight has a huge negative effect on the sector. Part of guaranteeing the prosperity of Nigerians is also ensuring that access to quality medical care is made available to all irrespective of their social standing. 

Nigerians have no business being poor, our nation is wealthy, and its people need to benefit from the wealth. Oil is less than 5% of our GDP, however, it accounts for about 90% of our foreign exchange earnings, but agriculture and food production, if we continue to produce what we consume and the inflation gap is closed. Food alone is over a trillion-dollar economy. The low-hanging fruit is in the agricultural sector.

I am Tein Jack Rich, aspiring to be Nigeria’s president.

The time is now. Let’s make history together!

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